Who are We?

Muratlı Karton was established in 1996 in Muratlı District of Tekirdağ province. We made our first production towards the end of 1997. We are one of the first coated cardboard manufacturers in Turkey.

Alfaprint™ (WLC-GD3) and Alfatriplex™ (WLC-GT3) branded products are produced in our production line. Our capacity is 104.000 tons/year. We use 100% recycled paper in all of our production.

We use all of the raw materials and energy resources we need in production in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way to protect future generations.

Recycled papers are very valuable raw materials in terms of sustainability, especially in terms of environmental and economic aspects. These raw materials are used in production cycles until they lose their properties, allowing us to save our world’s resources and energy.

We need steam and electrical energy for our production processes. We produce all of these energies in our natural gas-fired cogeneration facility in order to reduce our environmental impact.

Our focus is to stay in the “Reliable Production”, “Reliable Delivery” and “Reliable Business Partner” cycle to meet the expectations of our business partners. We continue our activities within this framework with our expert staff and strong experience.

Social Contribution

As Muratlı Karton, we are one of the leading companies in employment for employees, their families and third parties that provide indirect benefits (shippers, subcontractors, suppliers, etc.) in the region where we operate.

In addition, we contribute to social development with the social assistance we provide for the development of the region in which we operate, to increase unity and solidarity, and to maintain social services more effectively.

The product we produce in a broader perspective is also a strategic product for our country, as it balances domestic demand only with imports. The products we produce also contribute to social sustainability as they reduce the current account deficit and provide economic sustainability.


To be one of the leading cardboard manufacturers in Turkey by targeting continuous development, sustainability for the future and our environment, and excellence for corporate governance in order to offer quality and cost-effective products to our business partners.


To ensure the satisfaction and loyalty of our business partners, to produce products in accordance with international standards, to apply all kinds of innovations and updates to our processes that will increase our operational and workforce efficiency.