The concept of sustainability deals with the economic value created by companies together with their environmental and social contributions. Muratlı Karton has established its sustainability strategy on the basis of reducing the environmental impact in the entire production cycle from supply to the final product, efficient use of resources, recycling and recovery. Our company aims to make its economic growth and profitability sustainable through this cycle channel.

For Muratlı Karton, whose operating style is stable and based on a long-term view in all respects, recycled paper is not a waste, but an important raw material for sustainable economy and the beginning of an integrated value chain.

The production processes, structured around the responsible use of resources, are the reflection of Muratlı Karton’s conscious producer identity.

Paper Recycling

Cardboard Factory

Ready-to-Use Carton

Packaging and Processing Factory - Printing House

Processed Box - Packaging

Used Box - Packaging

Waste Paper Collection Process

Recycle Facility

Shipping Process

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