Environmental Impact Reduction Studies

Muratlı Karton aims to reduce the emissions that may arise from its activities, water pollution, and the environmental effects of hazardous and non-hazardous wastes at the source.

Ensuring the most efficient use of energy and natural resources, choosing raw materials and materials that will minimize negative environmental effects, integrating environmentally friendly technologies that will be compatible with processes, and producing solutions to minimize energy losses are the most effective application areas of the sustainability strategy.

At the Muratlı Karton factory, which produces products that can all be recycled by using less natural resources and energy, creating minimum waste, emission amounts are constantly monitored and it is aimed to reduce greenhouse gas formation.

Efficiency and Efficient Use of Natural Resources

Energy efficiency and energy recovery

In the fight against climate change, which has become one of the most important problems of the world agenda, energy efficiency is one of the main focus points, as well as reducing the environmental impact of activities and natural resource consumption.

Muratlı Karton, which regularly monitors the amount of energy consumption and takes action to reduce consumption through energy efficiency studies, obtains uninterrupted and clean electricity through its cogeneration facility, which can generate electricity and steam with natural gas, located within the boundaries of the production facility.

Water Management

Acting with the awareness that water resources are limited, Muratlı Karton prioritizes the efficient use of water and takes the necessary precautions in this regard.

In the facility, which has a physical and biological treatment facility in order to prevent environmental impact by purifying all the water used in production, project studies are also carried out on the purification and reuse of process water in various units.

Waste Management

Muratlı Karton ensures maximum recycling by separating the wastes generated in its offices and production lines at the source in line with its Environmental Management System.

Coil and size production wastes are the production process wastes of the facility. All these wastes that occur in production are fed back to the production process and reprocessed, while the wastes in dough preparation are sent to companies with incineration licenses and are eliminated.

The wastes in the facility are stored on an impermeable floor. In case of any spillage in the waste area made within the facility, there is no leakage to the receiving environment. Necessary absorbent materials and fire extinguishers are available in the waste area in case of any accident.