As Muratlı Karton Kağıt San. ve Tic. A.Ş.;

Confidentiality and privacy of personal data is important for our organization. Our primary goal is to take the necessary security measures and implement controls by our organization in order to protect personal data. In this context, we take and apply appropriate security measures.

At the beginning of the protection of personal data, the determination of the personal data in written, printed or electronic media coming to our company from various purposes and channels as personal data and the establishment of appropriate controls, the preparation of the necessary safe environments for the storage of this data, and most importantly, the access to this data is limited and authorized. done by individuals.

In addition to the technical improvements necessary to manage the risks that personal data may face, a governance system has been established in which business processes and procedures are developed, and the system is constantly developed and kept up to date.

The Personal Data Protection Policy, which is one of the cornerstones of the governance system created for the protection of personal data, has also been created within this scope.

Muratli Karton Kağıt San. ve Tic. Inc. As the management, our primary goal is to ensure that all our business processes related to KVKK are in a reliable, legal and transparent structure thanks to this governance system we have created.

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