The back and front sides are white and coated, and the front surface has two coats of coating with Airknife & Blade processes. A single layer of pigment coated is applied on the back surface.

Alfatriplex cardboard is produced in the range of 300, 350, 400 g/m2 in our production line. Alfatirplex cardboards, Alfatriplex™ cardboards are used in food packaging, cosmetic packaging, book-notebook covers, calendar-brochure printing, medicine boxes applications.

WLC duplex cardboard is produced from 95% recycled waste paper and 5% cellulose. The quality characteristics of the cardboard produced depend on its appearance and performance. Color, surface smoothness, surface structure, gloss, opacity, printability, surface strength, surface pH and cleanliness are taken into account among the appearance properties; Weight, thickness, moisture, tensile strength and elongation, tear resistance, burst resistance, bending resistance, compression resistance, folding and creasing, ply bonding, dimensional stability, porosity, water absorbency and surface adhesion are followed as performance properties.


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Final Product Special Requirement
Indirect Contact Food Products Workableness
Medicines Appearance, Workableness
Detergents Strength, Workableness
Durable House Appliances, Hobby Products Strength
Textile Products, Clothes and Shoes Appearance
Toys, Games Strength, Purity
Paper Products Appearance, Workableness