Reliable Product, Reliable Delivery, Reliable Business Partner.

Determining its brand commitment as “Reliable Product, Reliable Delivery, Reliable Business Partner”, Muratlı Karton; guarantees these commitments with these substances;

In production processes,

  • Choosing the right raw material for the targeted product quality,
  • Production with the right products by making input quality controls and analyzes of raw materials,
  • Effective use of technology and experience in coated cardboard production,
  • Realization of production within the targeted quality values with tests and controls,
  • Implementation of continuous development and continuous improvement in all processes,
  • Producing high quality products in accordance with international standards,
  • Packaging of the product in a way that is protected from external factors,


In delivery processes;

  • Providing suitable storage conditions and areas for the product ready to be shipped,
  • Timely delivery of the product by making the necessary transportation organization on the dispatch date,
  • Ensuring effective communication until the product reaches our customer.


In sales and after-sales processes,

  • Providing “Unconditional Customer Satisfaction”,
  • Having employees with the competence to analyze the needs of our customers, understand them and produce solutions,
  • Presenting the requested product under market conditions,
  • Collaborating closely with our customers,
  • Providing support for all kinds of technical problems that our customer may experience due to our product,
  • Ensuring sustainable service quality.

Our Values

  • Working as a team to achieve our goals,
  • To evaluate the application opportunities to our processes by following technological innovations,
  • Being sensitive to the environment,
  • To continuously train our workforce, which is our most valuable resource,
  • To have good relations with our business partners.

Corporate Strategy

  • To realize our production and management processes without compromising our quality policy,
  • To follow the technology constantly,
  • To value teamwork and to continuously train our workforce,
  • It was established on the basis of realizing our business processes without forgetting our responsibility towards the environment.